In January 2009 the fourth edition of the Honorary Prizes "David Russell" for young talented musicians took place at the Professional Conservatory of music in Vigo.

In the middle of a wintery storm, with strong winds and heavy rain, the auditorium of the conservatory was like an oasis in the desert, oblivious to the blizzard outside and filled with wonderful music. An unforgettable three day experience.

The members of the jury were: Mario Peris (violin), Carmen Carreiras (piano), Óscar Davila (French horn), Carme Beneito (flute), David Rodríguez (percussion), Marta Vélez (violin), David Russell, María Jesús Rodríguez and Margarita Escarpa (guitar).

Members of the jury give their time to this exciting incentive and we have become like a family.

The intention of the prizes is to encourage young musicians to continue excelling and to use this opportunity to help other people in need, as the money collected from the inscription fees goes to provide water in Africa. This year we have helped a community in Parkati, in Kenya. We financed this water pump and we will also put solar pannels in a school to generate electricity.

There were participants from seven different countries, playing a variety of instruments. The age limit to take part is 18 years old.

The standard of the young musicians was very high and the following prizes were awarded:

Two special prizes of the Jury to these two excelent violinists, who impressed everybody with their outstanding musicality and fabulous technique. This picture was taken at the award ceremony.


 Laura Balboa García, violin. Honorary Prize and Special Prize of the Jury for outstanding talent. Daniel Chirilov, violin. Honorary Prize and Special Prize of the Jury for outstanding talent.


 Andrea Roberto, guitar. Honorary Prize. Anna Likhacheva, guitar. Honorary Prize.


 Tuur Segers, guitar. Honorary Prize. Rute Pereira Fernandes, flute. Honorary Prize.


 Tiago André Araujo Rodriguez, trumpet. Honorary Prize. Paulo Alexandre Dos Santos, bassoon. Honorary Prize.


 Prizes awarded in the category of Children under 14 years of age:

Yoan Grudikov Grudev, piano. Children's Prize. Sara María Guerrero Aguado, guitar. Children's Prize.


 Néstor Sutil Vecino, flute. Children's Prize. On the right.- Mentions awarded: Pablo Méndez Martínez, guitar. Mention.


 Pablo Díaz Mera, flute. Mention. José Antonio Pereira Abreu, French horn. Mention.


 André Almeida Ferreira, guitar. Mention. Samuel Brandao Marques, clarinet, Mention.


 Juan José Cernadas Carrera, flute. Mention. On the right.- Mentions for children under 14 years old: Álvaro García Peón, guitar. Children's mention.


 Inés Sofía Simoes Pereira, guitar. Children´s mention.

On the right: 

We want to thank the Professional Conservatory of Music in Vigo and its board of directors, whose members are:

Director: Isabel Figueroa 
Vicedirector: Javier Escobar
Head of Education: Rosa Gayoso
Secretary: Marta Sancho.

Without their generous help and constant support these prizes would not be possible.


The board of directors and the members of the jury make a team of friendly professionals, happy to work together and see the results of the fruitful three days event.

On the right there is a photo of some of the participants in the prizes this year. We hope that all of them feel encouraged after this experience.


We also want to keep in mind that music is helping to bring water to people who otherwise would have difficulties accessing it and this fills us with joy.


In the award ceremony we had the privilege to hear two of the winners of past editions and they both inspired us with their mature musicianship.

Javier Guzmán, the violinist won the Special Prize of the Jury in the first edition of the prizes in 2006. We have a unique affection for him, as he was the first winner of a Special Prize of the jury and we are happy to witness his progress and see how he has developed into a wonderful young musician.

On the right: Elena Sousa, accordeon, won the Special Prize of the Jury in 2008 and it was a real pleasure to hear her again.


 All the members of the jury wish all these young musicians a lot of success in their careers. They certainly deserve it.


 With this picture, which fills us with emotion, we say good bye to this year's edition of the honorary prizes and we already look forward to having another fantastic edition next year.


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