There is something of ritual in everything surrounding a David Russell concert. The Theater completed its capacity last Friday to receive this artist whose name is always a safe bet at the Festival. And, like every year, the audience intensely enjoyed the Scottish guitarist's performance.

Russell flooded the stage starting with Fantasia III by Fernando Sor, a composer known as “the Beethoven of the guitar.” From the beginning the pulsation was immaculate. His very careful legato and the balance of his dynamic range provided an understanding of the phrasing that gave great coherence to the entire interpretation. After addressing the audience in a friendly and informative manner, as he usually does, a Vivaldi imbued with naturalness came along and it felt like a breath of fresh air. The perfect execution of the diabolic trills on two strings or the filigrees on the guitar neck did not seem to pose any obstacle for the musician. That virtuosity so seemingly inherent makes one wonder if it is Russell who plays or if it is the guitar itself that leads him to speak through him. The first part concluded with “Jubilosa Plenitud”, the work of Puerto Rican guitarist José Sorroche and performed by our soloist with marked emotional joy. The kind that makes you cry.

After a short break it was time for the Partita BWV by J.S. Bach, original for solo violin and transcribed for guitar by David Russell himself. Its great sound balance, crystalline pulsation and the taste for taking care of every detail with care produced a version that was perhaps more clear than emotional. In Jorge Morel's Sonatina, to end the program, the performer delighted us with a deep feeling always enveloped by his inherent elegance and good taste.

The first encore, demanded by a loud ovation from the audience, was a surprise in the form of two Celtic pieces: “My Gentle Harp” and “The Bucks or Oranmore”, with the audience standing up eager for more Russell. “Una limosna por el amor de Dios” could not be missed, by Agustín Barrios, which the guitarist dedicated to the organization of the Guitar Festival wearing the official T-shirt (even in that way, his elegance seems to be imperturbable). The virtuoso, encouraged by the enthusiastic ovations of the audience, closed the evening with “Shadow of the Moon”, a beautiful piece by Vincent Lindsey. Once again, David Russell unleashes passions.

Sara Requena

Diario Córdoba


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