Guitar Master Records, England
1980 LP / GMR-101-93-CD

Antonio Lauro (1917-1986)

1) La Negra
2) Carora
3) Maria Luisa
4) Angostura
5) El Marabino

Suite Venezolana
6) Registro
7) Danza Negra
8) Cancion
9) Vals

10) Sonata
11) Cancion
12) Bolera

Vals Venezolanos
13) Vals Venezolano No.1: Tatiana
14) Vals Venezolano No.2: Andreina
15) Vals Venezolano No.3: Natalia
16) Vals Venezolano No.4: Yacambu

17) Pavana
18) Seis Por Derecho


“The work of this particular composer (and indeed player) is of interest. This is a recording well worth adding to your collection. (...) it’s a very useful point of reference for teachers and students and, I’m sure, will continue to be so for many years to come.”
Raymond Burley, Classical Guitar


LP:Guitar Master Records,GMR-1001
CD:Guitar Master Records,GMR-101-93-CD
Recorded in Leeds, UK. 1980




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