Year end pick (2012) in Gramophone Magazine
Critics' choice

I am delighted that my latest recording "The Grandeur of the Baroque" was chosen as a year end pick for 2012 by the critics.

In January 2009 the fourth edition of the Honorary Prizes "David Russell" for young talented musicians took place at the Professional Conservatory of music in Vigo.

In the middle of a wintery storm, with strong winds and heavy rain, the auditorium of the conservatory was like an oasis in the desert, oblivious to the blizzard outside and filled with wonderful music. An unforgettable three day experience.

The third edition of the Honorary Prizes "David Russell" for young talented musicians took place in January 2008 at the Professional Conservatory of Music in Vigo.

These prizes have a double purpose. On one hand the idea is to inspire all the young players and value their work and, on the other, there is the humanitarian side of trying to help other people in need with the money collected from the inscription fees. (Photographs at the end of this article).

I would like to tell you about a concert I did last night.

At the moment I'm on tour sponsored by the British Council, the first half being solo recitals in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Yesterday's concert was the fourth of the trip, and it was on the island of Palawan, a long narrow island in the southwest extreme of the Philippine archipelago.

Photographer Barry Beckett sent me a couple of old photos of Dennis Milne and me playing together. The images brought back old memories of the early 70s in London, both of us as students at the Royal Academy of Music and later as aspiring professionals, struggling to make a living.